Sunday, June 26, 2011

Welcome to Camp Read-a-Lot!

Over the years, I've grown and changed so much as a teacher! One thing I've been very proud of in the past couple of years is the set-up of my classroom.  I've always loved nature and the woods. I find so much peace and inspiration there. I wanted my classroom to reflect that!  So, a tour of my classroom seemed like the perfect place to start for my brand new blog! (Insert cheering here!) These photos were taken before school started in August of 2009.  A few things have changed, but for the most part, this is my home away from home! Let the tour begin...

 This is the view you'll get when you first walk into my classroom. (Notice that it's pitch black outside. I'm a bit of a night owl!) You can't see it in the picture, but immediately to the right is a whiteboard which is technically the front of the room.  Out of view to the left is cabinets, countertops, and my built-in teacher desk.
The front of the room will hopefully have a SmartBoard someday! Below the board are shelves where we keep our individual Book Tubs, as well as books for Read to Someone.  Materials for Word Work are also kept there.

This is our Book Nook area where a lot of whole group instruction takes place.  Off to the right you see our Cafe menu board (which for me has transformed into our Literacy CAMP board. In keeping with the woodsy theme, I adapted the Sisters' Cafe into Comprehension, Accuracy, Make reading fluent, and Practice vocabulary... spelling out CAMP!)

Small group and guided reading instruction takes place here.  I'd like to say I sit on the floor with the kids for conferencing, but more often than not, this is where we end up! My students sit under the tables, in tiny little corners, or sprawled out on the floor. Their choices for comfortable work spaces aren't always ideal for adult bodies! :)
Quite possibly the best feature of our room! This is our Cozy Corner, which serves as another place where we can curl up and enjoy our reading.  (Old couch cushions were donated by my mom and work perfectly as comfy seating areas!)

Supplies are shared at the tables.  In the background, you'll see just a few of my 30+ book baskets!  These are sorted by topic.  I also have a library of leveled books for the kids to "shop for books" for their individual book tubs.

Fantastic purchase from Really Good Stuff !  They were a bit pricey, but these colorful plastic book tubs have lasted me a few years already.  Before the year begins, I use the end-of-year information from kindergarten teachers to put books in each child's book tub.  This becomes very important as we start Read to Self and learning how to pick good fit books.

One thing I've added since these photos were taken is lamps.  Lamps add so much to the cozy atmosphere of our room!  I found woodsy themed lampshades at Meijer and bought five of them!  They're located in the four corners, as well as on my built-in teacher desk.  When the main classroom lights are off, there is a peaceful glow about the room.  Bliss!

So, that's it!  That's my classroom!  I feel like it captures the essence of who I am and how I teach.  I hope you'll join me for my next post... coming soon!

~Komos :)


  1. What an inviting, warm classroom environment. It looks like there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. I love the idea of a virtual tour of your home away from home. Thanks for sharing. I am looking forward to your next post.

  2. Thanks, Jill, for the encouragement and motivation!

  3. Love the theme, and even how you updated the CAFE menu to CAMP. A good fit indeed. I also love how you utilize every space so effectively -- even the shades on your windows! Thanks for sharing -- looks great.

  4. Laura,
    Welcome to the blogging world. I enjoyed the pictures inside your classroom. It looks like a wonderful place to learn. I'm sure kids love your "Cozy Corner". I look forward to following your journey.


  5. Thanks, Michelle and Cathy! I sincerely appreciate the feedback!

  6. Laura-- I love getting to look at your classroom! It does look like a very inviting place. I can't wait to pick your brain about your Camp theme, as that is what I am thinking of for next year. You seem to have a lot of built in storage--how nice! What does your built in desk look like?


  7. Thanks, Karyn!! I'd love to chat about the Camp theme! My built-in desk is very simple; blue countertop with two built-in file cabinet drawers and one shallow drawer. I chose not to have a teacher desk so I have one less place to put my piles of stuff! :)

  8. I love the different areas of your classroom. I am getting rid of my teacher desk this year. I have a very small classroom (built in early 1900's) and I was taking too much space from the kids. We should have all of our twitter/blog people post classroom pics of their classrooms in August/September whenever they can.

  9. Laura,
    What an inviting room. I love the cosy corner - can easily imagine children curled up and sprawled out reading! I'll look forward to more blog entries.

  10. Nicole,
    Thanks! I love the idea of a classroom design party in August. We could do a Linky Party on our blogs and encourage others to post, too. What do you think?

    Thank you so much! That's exactly my vision for my classroom! I'm excited to post more to my blog. :)