Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It seems like just yesterday...

It seems like just yesterday that I was student teaching in a 2nd grade classroom of 38 children. Twelve of those little ones were limited English speakers, and one of those had literally just arrived here from Mexico. I remember those faces, those crowded spaces, the challenges we faced... but most of all, I remember my cooperating teacher.

Marilyn pushed my thinking. She stretched my thinking so that I could learn. She taught me about people like Krashen, Goodman, and Clay. She made me read professionally. She made sure I knew the school work wasn't just magically done every day at 3:00.

Back then, I struggled with all of the work I was doing, especially as I watched my fellow student teachers breezing through their experience. But now, 18 years later, I am 100% sure that I was given the absolute best cooperating teacher for me!

Seeing her recently meant so much to me! She invited me back to the school to "guest speak" to a team of new teachers that she is mentoring. I had an opportunity to show her just how much I've grown, learned, changed... and the foundation of all of that was the time I spent with her.